Any Time Payment Kiosk (ATP)

We are presently involved in the area of service delivery for utility consumers by commissioning user-friendly 24x7 payment kiosks for collecting utility payments that cover electricity, water, telephone, corporation / municipality tax, education fees, etc. Using these kiosks, consumers can make payments by way of cash, cheque/DD or cards. ATPs are user-friendly kiosks that act like virtual employees, collecting and delivering information quickly and consistently without human interaction. We work overtime so you can save time. Our technology enabled e-payment services work round the clock so that you are empowered to handle your utility payments anytime, anywhere, any place.

An end-to-end solution

Setting up an ATP Kiosk on Build-Own-Operate-Maintain, i.e. BOOM basis involves:

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Software development
  • Implementation
  • Transaction / service support
  • Advertising solutions (new media of advertisement through ATP Kiosk)

ATP Activity Matrix

We work hand in hand with utility organizations to commission the ATP Kiosk across India. Typically, clients engage us on a Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM) model.

  • Location identification for setting up ATP.
  • Infrastructure / civil works related to ATP.
  • Installation of hardware and software.
  • Sourcing / managing customer support personnel.
  • Supply of bill receipt printing stationery.
  • Generation of daily transactions list.
  • Collection of currency / cheque / DD from the Kiosk.
  • Verification of collection with list
  • Handing over of cash / cheque / DD to the client /designated bank.
  • Exporting daily transactions data.
  • The benefits are two-fold. Apart from time and effort savings for consumers, the ATP Kiosk enable utility organizations to provide better service to consumers and ensure marked improvement in revenue collection. ATP Kiosks are undoubtedly an efficient solution to provide enhanced convenience, speed and cost optimization for both consumers and utility organizations.
  • Operational - 24/7
  • No initial investment from the client.
  • Online transfer of data.
  • Through-the-wall model / Lobby model.
  • Ergonomic enclosure can be customized with the utility‚Äôs corporate colors.
  • Users need not be computer savvy owing to a friendly user interface.
  • Easy to use, voice-enabled guidance and local language support.
  • Instant receipt

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