Cheque Deposit Kiosk

We just made the banking operations a whole lot easier. ATCD are cutting edge cash/cheque management systems, which shift heavy counter transactions to a self service zone. With strong capacity and latest technology, they are capable of supporting high volume transactions and thus deliver advanced and reliable service to customers, including value added services for different scenarios.Certified with global, proven security standards,ATIL provides enhanced multi-layer and physical protection solutions to minimize fraud and boost customer confidence.

Our 24/7 ATCD diagnosis, monitoring and management software solution enables administrators to control the entire cash/cheque management process on a PC or mobile and take precautionary measures, thus always assuring maximum machine uptime.

  • Optimized configuration
  • Capable of note authentication and sorting subject to client requirements
  • Designed for faster and simpler transactions with high capacity
  • Less maintenance frequency maximizes machine uptime
  • User-friendly design, large screen and voice-operated guidance that impresses first-time users.
  • Bunch Cash Acceptor:
  • Accepts a stack of mixed denomination currency, without an envelope
  • Quickly validates and counts deposited currency
  • Deposit details are displayed on the screen for customer veriļ¬cation
  • Customers have the option of depositing additional currency, up to the per-transaction capacity
  • Deposits currency into a secure container
  • Itemized deposit details may be printed on a customer receipt
  • Accepts bundle of up to 50/200 notes at a time

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