Energy Saving Ceiling fans

‘Tried’ & ‘Tested’ Energy Saving Ceiling fans with silent performance and high air delivery.


Parameters Add Tech Power efficient fans
Rated Wattage (Power) Less than 18 - 29 W
Rated Voltage 12v.DC
Operational Voltage 5 -28v.dc
Ampere 2.45A
Rotational Speed 215 RPM (Low) – 310 RPM(High)
Noise 19 (Low speed) TO 30 (High Speed) DB(A)
Air flow 4800 CFM(Low) – 7385 CFM (High)
Duty Cycle Qualifies
Motor Type DC brushless motor
Weight 5.3(kg)
Blade diameter 1400(mm)
Shell material Metal

Energy Saving Ceiling fans Features

  • Energy Saving; more than 50 % savings: less power consumption, more savings.
  • Remote operated; Nno need of regulators.
  • Consistent speed even at varying and low voltage.
  • More hours of operation when in use on inverter.
  • Our Power efficient fans can run on solar power as well as on batteries
  • 3 years of warranty.
  • Service Centers across India.
  • ATIL Energy fans do not require any additional electrical work. It can be easily fixed to the existing fan.

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