The clock is always ticking. The collection and delivery is never up to the mark. Competition is increasing and Overheads are raising with zero tolerance customers. The ultimate goal is saving costs and increasing the efficiency of task planning. Presently every organization wants to keep track of their revenues on a regular interval. So, timely revenue inflow has become a critical issue to every organization and managing millions of customers through an efficient system is a challenge.

Our Device can play a vital role in this

Give your employees the device they need to get the job done right. Your employees can redefine productivity with this device in hand. With the handheld device you can collect Cash / Cheque / DD / Debit / Credit Card on the field on-the-go. This device is one of the toughest and most flexible handheld devices in the market. The device has the ability to connect virtually to any back end system carrier in the world. The device is rugged enough for any environment and can serve your business lifelong.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • 3.5-inch TFT QVGA colour touch screen
  • 4000 MHz Battery for longer working hours
  • Wireless and Bluetooth features
  • Built in Barcode Reader
  • GPS Tracking
  • Built in RFID Reader
  • Built in Camera
  • Rugged 1.5 m drop Test onto concrete
  • 23 Keys Keypad + Virtual keypad
  • Unique by Android OS with Thermal Printer
  • Amazing unique 5" big screen
  • Various patterns of data transformation create a more space of connection(eg.Phone,Bluetooth,Wifi,3G)
  • Large capacity of lithium battery insure long time continuously work.(4000mah larger capacity lithium battery)
  • Double Safety Insurance

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