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Gps watch tracker for kids

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GPS Child Tracking Touch Screen Watch

The RelyEon Watch (Touchscreen) REPT202 is an advanced wearable technology with world-class GPS technology that can be accessed easily in a variety of ways. The advantage of this product lies in its dual functionality, it is both stylish and dependable for knowing where your loved ones are.

  • A secure, portable GPS tracker with touchscreen capabilities
  • Location data can be viewed on smartphone, tablet or PC
  • SOS (Panic) Button for instant help


  • Real Time Tracking
  • GPS & LBS Dual Mode Positioning
  • Geo-Fencing (5 Boundaries)
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Track Playback
  • Reports
  • Built-in Battery (up to 3 days)
  • Web Based Software (Max 3 Login)
  • Android Mobile App (Max 3 Login)
  • Alerts through Mobile App
  • 3-Day Data Retention
  • SOS (Panic) Alerts
  • Voice Monitoring
  • SMS Alerts
  • Two-Way Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

With enough power press power key, Device will start up

Yes, SIM Card will not be provided with the touch watch. i.e., you have to buy own SIM card which is having voice call+2G Data plan facility and use it.

The device consumes more battery when positioning the GPS, to compensate the battery consumption the upload interval of watch is set to 5 min by default, user can send the request to device to give current location through app and portal, which will update the current location of device to user.

Yes, You can switch off the device.

Accuracy will varies depending on the types of location

  • GPS – 10 to 20 meters.
  • LBS -200 to 800 meters.

Most of the times the personal trackers will be with users and will be indoors, and device will not be able to get the GPS signal, that time the positioning shifts to LBS.

These buttons are not enabled (not in use).

You need to set the SOS number through Mobile APP

i.e., Login with your Username & Password->Go to Settings option->Select a device from the dropdown->Go to Device tab->SOS Number, Click on this option – it will ask you to enter 10digit mobile number, enter & press on confirm button. This SOS number should not be same as Surveillance number.

When Press SOS button, Call will go to the SOS Number which is set through Mobile APP(Two-Way Communication) And Also If Call is not Connect at that time then the SOS Alert will send it to Mobile APP Users, So that User can call back to the touch watch. When user presses SOS button the SOS no will be dialed from watch and is a two way communication with the SOS no.

Yes, You need to set the surveillance number through Mobile APP.

i.e., Login with your Username & Password->Go to Settings option->Select a device from the dropdown->Go to Device tab->Set Surveillance Number, Click on this option – it will ask you to enter 10digit mobile number, enter & press on confirm button.

Note:This Surveillance number should not be same as SOS number.

Call from the set telephone number will be auto answered by the touch watch and you can listen to the activity going on at the watch side (your voice can’t be heard at watch side).

You Can Download the App "Relyeon" in Google Play Store

Insert the USB charging line, connected to the output of 5v - 1a standard adapter, from no power to full about 2 hours.

You will get One day Battery Backup when fully charged (It may Varies based on the Upload Interval).

You will get Battery low alert for android application.

Yes, You can set your GPS data upload interval for the device as you wish. But, Min 300 Seconds you have to set, Below 30 Seconds is not accepted.

No, you will get GPS location based on upload interval you set in "RelyEon" application.

Yes, you will be given an option “Working Mode Setting” in Relyeon App. You can select power saving mode to save the power.

You can use the “Find Device” option in Relyeon App that makes your device ring, Helps in finding the device by tracking the source of sound

You will get No GPS Data alert for android application whenever device not able to receive GPS location.

No, You No needs to worry for this. Watch will switch off at 11:00pm automatically (only if device is already switched on) and Watch will switch on at 6:00am automatically (only if there is a charge).If you found like this you can switch it on if you needed. It will functions regular basis.

No, only SOS and surveillance no can call the device.

When Battery is dead, Time will reset to ZERO and When the GPS is mounting then the Time will set to current time automatically.

No, You cannot change it.

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